October 23, 2012

Intro -

Sofia. Not Sofi (as she'll guess you named your pet).

Not "Sof" (the 'a' that naturally follows would feel tempted to sway in there), and definitely not "Sofa" (see that).

She was born in Velletri, Italy -- and yet, proclaims she is more Latina with Spanish being her first spoken language. Not to mention haven gone though a lifetime of arepas her Venezuelan mother prepares for her on occasion.

She used to live in Miami, and now resides by the cyan waters of Boca Raton, Fl.

She has a pretty maddening tendency to "vomit" all her thoughts all over the page; almost every thought of hers needs a sub-thought.

However, not many people can translate feelings to words thoroughly and with virtue. It's a lost language that can't be taught.

Even if it does require keeping a hefty brown bag and Advil in arm's reach.

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  1. But no critique??? No Reply along the way????? XoXO Philo