July 8, 2013

Confessions of A Hopeless Romantic: Vol. 2

1) I really do admire The Notebook or The Fault In Our Stars kind of love. As predictable and utterly cliche as this may be, it is no less true. Aside from the evident romance, the dynamics they display in these novels is what does it for me.

Where two people are so majestically inclined, they take no precaution -- Just risks. Where passion is the driving source with every single emotion they feel for one another, even resentment. The kind of adoration where you tear each others halves down into sporadic puzzle pieces so they fall and then latch accordingly -- Creating a combined effort of two people where you finally feel whole. Where even the pass of time or the absence of touch becomes irrelevant. That complex vehemence doesn't decay or falter. You feel it streaming through your veins and in the shaking of your bones.

Now Nicolas Sparks and John Green, among other best-selling authors may just know how to paint a really great analogy of travesty love -- uh duh. But this kind of love is overly exposed with such raw depth and consistency, one can argue that a love like that must exist.

I believe that it exists. I have to believe that it exists.

2) I sometimes just sit in the shower when I have something really aching at my brain. I find that the scolding hot water pouring on my skull along with the darkness that comes with the peeling of my eyes, enhances those un-gratifying thoughts to where I end up in a Wild, Wild West stand off. Just me and my bitch(ier) subconscious, in peculiar view.

Gives me no option but to face whatever it is that is causing me distress, and pop a cap or two in that fucker. Now, I might miss and it might doom me, but one of the two gets closure. Even if there ultimately is defeat. (This is a metaphor, if you hadn't caught that.)

3) Some people lack the ability to know when to fuck off. Ironically, my issue (amongst many) is knowing when to un-fuck off. I start debating when it's a good time to start talking again, without looking like I don't care enough or care too much about the situation at hand.

4) I regularly stalk your Facebook... Twitter.... and Instagram to see if you post anything relevant to me. I'm disappointed each time. Unless you reference me when you post those cryptic statuses/tweets/lyrics. Probably not.

Maybe next post...

Signed, -S


  1. Your blog speaks to me. I hate social networking sites yet I just made an Instagram a little over two weeks ago. Blogspot is the only "social" network I can justify myself having. I get to write whatever I am feeling on here and not constantly check back to see if I got a like or a comment on it. Please, don't ever stop writing on here.

  2. Hahaha all the thoughts. All of them. These are great. I frequently word vomit EVERYWHERE and it's horrible and awkward and also "sentimental nonsense and all things uncomfortable". But I also feel like maybe a chunk or two will land somewhere that's "meant to be". (?) Here's for hoping!